The Way

By Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2012 Kate Everson

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Rebecca called through the long, dark cave, but no one answered. She kept walking, stumbling on coarse dirt and jagged stones. A shadow hugged the wall and seemed to follow her.

Am I lost?” she asked herself, her lower lip trembling. She pulled her thin sweater tighter and tried to be brave. But she was just a small girl, slight for her 16 years, and had no experience finding her way alone.

Raised with an overprotective mother and an overbearing father and way too many siblings, she was always shooed along in the direction of the crowd. Dinner was on and you’d better eat it or go hungry. Wear these clothes, because that’s all you have. Go here, do that. Rebecca had no time to assert herself or even find out who she was inside.

And now, here she was, abandoned in the middle of nowhere and not a clue about how to get by on her own.

I’m not lost,” she told herself, peering into the darkness. “I just need to calm down and surely something will turn up. Someone will find me and guide me home.”

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