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Bad dreams are plaguing them all and it's not just the dhampir who cannot sleep as the past returns to haunt. Vladimir, the vampire father who Daniel has never met, wants him to join the family, wants a brother for, Marko, the baby his mother gave to gypsies and never spoke about again.

Marko brings with him a vila, a water sprite with amazing and deadly powers that belie her frail beauty. He has plucked her feathers and she must do his bidding, unless someone can break their bond and return what is rightfully hers.

Money and power surround Vladimir and Marko. Friends are soon purchased, including the headmaster of Thomas High where Marko joins the upper school to charm Daniel into a deadly circle of trust. Marko fits in and seems to be the perfect student, but he hides a deadly secret.

Marko has infected his brother. His moods blacken. His temper soars. His patience shatters.

Will Katarina's help be enough to save Daniel's soul as she struggles with his estranged family for power over his soul?

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