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Dedicated to the memory of Captain Ryan Anderson

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Chapter 1

“This economy hit Arizona hard and Yavapai County even harder. Houses were selling slow and at lower prices than ever before. There is a prediction that there will be another big drop in the coming year.” Frances Pitcher expounded on the financial condition of the real estate market as she ate dinner with her best friend, mortgage broker Lisa Wood.

“But you have a lot of listings for bank repos, so you will be okay. Right?” Lisa inquired as she took a bite of her steak.

“You never know. One week you’re flying high and the next week you’re borrowing money from family just to survive.”

“But, you got all the listings for State Bank. They were heavy into small ranches. People from California made up most of their clientele. There are literally hundreds of houses in foreclosure and you have all of State’s. Some of those houses originally sold at half a million and even with the problems with the foreclosures, you’ll be listing them at a quarter of a million.” Lisa, ever the optimist, was looking for the horse in the room full of horse manure.

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