The Lord/ Jason

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Smashwords edition


All the Earth has heard My Name. Today I test the hearts of everyone that lives. Today Your heart is making a choice.

Israel, you’ve prayed enough and to long you’ve waited for me to gather you. My children, my people I will no longer hide my face from the lost. Tell Jeremiah to rest easy for I come for the lost children of Israel. You’re cry has reached generations to generations and I’ll wipe the tears away my servant. Behold I come and I will turn my people back to me. They may not know me, but I know them. I know who they are and I come for my sons and my daughters. In every nation from the east, north, south, I will gather them and I will assemble my people from the west. Egypt, I will take your land in my hands and make it a sign and my people will pass thur the land once again. By the brooks of the Mediterranean and by many coastlands the waters will fear me. Let all the nations come and see the glory I have given to my people. No longer will they be lost; I am their shepherd. Israel, My heritage, I will break the waters before you and they will walk into the promise land and like in the days of my servant Moses, run to them with great joy when they appear in the wilderness. Israel, let the songs of praise be like the days of old.

Proclaim to the children of Ishmael; son of Abraham. I made a promise to him that I would keep and protect you. A great people of many nations you have become. Ishmael loved me and called me Father and by no other name. I alone protected him when his feet where set to walk. I made a covenant with Ishmael and his children will know me as “Father”. You will know me today as Ishmael did. Let the children of Ishmael gather in one city in every Arabic nation and there by an altar of sacrifice I will send fire down by my hand. My servants will say, “Today you know him”. Our Father in heaven has spoken. Who is like the Lord of Host? Who is like the Lord of all the Earth? Ishmael, today rest is given to the spirit of our Lord. Ishmael, today they know him as The Great Father. I come says the Lord; the Father is coming.

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