Conspiracy: Earth

By N.T. Bergeron

Copyright 2012 NT Bergeron

Smashwords Edition

Cover Art by Jacob Zerby

Thanks for taking the time.

Chapter 1

Thanks Nick, you really bailed me out” said Steve.

Nick studied Steve momentarily. A friend since elementary school, he and Steve had drifted apart in recent years. Steve’s job as a fireman kept his shifts erratic and his ever increasing family commitments consumed much of his remaining free time. Still though, when Steve needed his help, Nick was glad to give it and it provided them a chance to catch up. In this case it was the usual; Steve’s computer had been acting up. It wasn’t too hard for Nick to sort out. Some spy ware issues and a few programs were loading that didn’t need to be and his computer had slowed to a crawl. Grinning Nick replied “No problem Steve. You want a beer?” Steve’s reply of ‘sure’ was not unexpected and Nick was already up and crossing the floor of his apartment when it came. An athlete through his school years, Nick had managed to stay in good shape after graduating high school and college. Nearing thirty years old, Nick had never married or had children and that afforded him the time he needed to stay in shape. He kept his brown hair cropped quite short; his face cleanly shaven and preferred to wear jeans and t shirts as much as possible. Nick opened his fridge and grabbed two pale ales and returned to the computer table where Steve was waiting. Passing one of the beers to Steve, Nick sat down and twisted his beer open in one smooth motion and tossed the cap in the garbage can by his feet. Throwing a quick glance at his computer’s monitor Nick read “UFO Sightings on the Rise” was splashed across the screen in bold black lettering with a long pointed article underneath. Hmmm, I will have to finish reading this later was all he had time to think. Turning to his guest he noticed Steve was also reading the headline on the monitor.

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