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The Life and Times of Rebecca Walker

Rachel Hanson

Published by Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Rachel Hanson


"Mom, is it okay if I spend the night at Amy's house after the game tonight?" Rebecca asked, nervously.

"What game ?" Mom asked harshly. Her lip was curled in a snarl and her cold grey eyes only served to heighten her obvious distain for Rebecca.

"It's the homecoming football game. I'm supposed to take pictures there for the yearbook." Rebecca responded. Rebecca had always loved photography and the fact that people liked her pictures made it even better.

"Sure, I guess. I’ll never understand why you feel the need to do all these activities. I was fine without them, “Mom went back to her magazine without another word.

Rebecca ran to the phone to call Amy and tell her it was okay for her to come over after the big game. It was the first time in over ten years that Springfield High actually had a decent chance at winning their homecoming game. Rebecca knew with absolute certainty that 2003 was their lucky year.

As she got her photography equipment together she hummed the school song and thought about all the great pictures she'd get tonight. Her room was messy, as only a teenage girls room can be. She was starting to panic because she couldn’t find the flash for her camera. She racked her brain, trying to remember where she might have left it. Finally, she realized she had left it in the apron she wore at work. She looked behind her bedroom door to discover the apron right where she had left it with the flash in the pocket. Embroidered at the top of the apron were the words “Rebecca Walker – Assistant Photo Developer.”

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