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Paying for Glory

by Sue Carswell


Once upon a time, there were two stories playing out at once. I see them now through the eyes of an aging man. These were dueling narratives of two boys who grew up together but lived very much apart. I have decided to write this because the story needed to be told. Eventually you will understand why.

I have structured my pages so that it unfolds chronologically, and so the balance of the reportage is focused on my subject matter. The events of the story have come together through the use of varying reference sources. I have relied on letters, notebooks, and old newspaper clippings graciously given to me by my protagonist, who trustingly put them in the hands of one he thought a friend. I have also benefited from using the resources available at the New York Public Library at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, in Manhattan.

What follows is the story of the two men, their contrasting beginnings and, naturally, their endings. In the writing process, I have learned that what is bad is not always unjust. I have also come to terms with the fact that goodness springs from the nature of the heart, not necessarily the richness of the heart.

In hindsight, we are all born of innocence. It is life’s travails that alter the course of a man’s awakenings.

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