A Novel by Chad Peery


Gratitude to all, present and departed, whose patience and support helped me keep faith in myself and to tell the story held within these pages. This is for Janet, Jan, Susan, Lynda, Jace, and especially for you, Bonnie.


Special thanks to John Kay, Bob Welch and Mick Fleetwood, all of whom gave a young Chad Peery the opportunity to experience worlds only imagined by most of us. I also wish to honor the work and the lives of the many incredible musicians and support workers with whom I shared the path.


This place, with its hills and mountains, its spoons and hollows, makes one feel as if they are embraced by the land, protected and shielded by the earth itself. In the flatlands you are open, exposed, seen from everywhere and nowhere. Here, each time you descend a hilltop, you enter another world, unique unto itself. Western Virginia, 1794, author unknown.

This is a work of fiction. The events and characters portrayed are imaginary. Any resemblance to real persons, counterparts, or places is entirely coincidental.

Copyright 2009 by Chad Peery. Smashwords edition. Published by Chad Peery.

ISBN-10: 1441481737, ISBN-13: 978-1441481733
First Edition.

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