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Screw The Looking-glass

(And What She Found There)

Mavis Reddy


Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Mavis Reddy

CHAPTER ONE: The Looking Glass Blouse

Dream Journal–-11/4

One thing is certain, that white pizza had nothing to do with it! I think.

Same old dream, once again…I’m curled up in the comfy armchair in the quaint little room. Snow drifted down past the window and a cheery fire popped in the fireplace. Then a weird ball of yarn rolled past me and I followed it over to a full-length mirror. My reflection smiles at me, but I don’t feel like I’m smiling back. I’ve got on a gorgeous blouse that I know is one of my designs – and I’m really proud of it…but my reflection! It said the most horrible things – I’ll never amount to anything, I’m getting fatter, my hair is a nest, my lover is cheating on me…

I cover my face but still hear the reflection tearing into me. It wasn’t my voice, I couldn’t recognize the it – and then, just as I was about to figure it out, I wake up all hot and crying and the sheet’s twisted around my neck. The worst of it was that voice really concentrated on my cellulite this time!

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