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Copyright © 2012 by Jody Morse and Jayme Morse

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Howl is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents in this book are products of the authors’ imaginations or have been used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons or locations is coincidental and not intended by the authors.

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Samara McKinley stared at the blazing bonfire, illuminated by the light of the full moon. She tugged on her sweatshirt, unsure if she was hot or cold. The late June night breeze felt cold against her cheeks, but the hot chocolate she was sipping made her feel toasty warm.

Are you sure you don’t want any vodka in your hot cocoa, Sam?” Emma asked. “It’s really good.”

Samara shook her head for the third time and gave her best friend a small smile. “No thanks.”

Okay, Miss Straight Edge.” Emma laughed, elbowing Samara in the ribs. “But you have to promise me that we will go out and get drunk for your twenty-first birthday.”

Samara giggled. “My twenty-first birthday isn’t for six more years!”

Well, five years and eight months if you want to get technical,” Emma replied. “I have it all planned out already. We’re going to go to Miami and get completely trashed en route to Cancun where we’ll spend spring break.”

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