To Love, Honor and Cherish

Timothy Paterson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Timothy Paterson

Chapter 1

What a dreary day?” thought Joe, as he drove through downtown San Francisco. It was Saturday, November 3rd and it was colder than usual for that time of year. It had started out as a sunny day, but it had been raining for an hour or so. The rain was coming down in buckets as Joe arrived at the diner.

Joe noticed two children standing in front of the diner, trying to shelter themselves from the cold wind and rain, by standing under the canopy. Joe noticed that they were both drenched and shivering and neither of them was wearing a coat. Joe parked the car, grabbed an extra jacket out of the back seat, and headed toward the front of the diner.

Joe invited the two children to come in to have lunch with him and get out of the rain. He gave the spare jacket to the girl and then removed his own jacket and gave it to the boy. They both appeared to be around eleven or twelve years old. Joe invited the two of them to have lunch with him. They immediately accepted his offer. They were both so famished, that they were well into their second servings, before they remembered to thank Joe for the meal.

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