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Lucy woke up feeling not only physically rested, but mentally and emotionally rested as well. That was the way that she had been feeling every morning for the past ten days, ever since she began having the wonderful dreams. Lucy looked forward to bedtime, because she would dream about David.

Lucy got dressed, and after tying the scarf over her head, she went downstairs to breakfast, which her mother had made for her. It was her favorite breakfast; Chocolate chip pancakes and strawberries, but she did not have much of an appetite

As Lucy pushed her food around her plate, she thought about the radiation treatment that she would be having later that morning. She did not feel like eating.

For the past few weeks, her mother had to force her to eat. Lucy did not seem to have much of an appetite any more.

Six months earlier, near the end of sixth grade, Lucy found out that she had a rare form of bone cancer. She had been playing kickball in Gym class and as she tried to kick the ball, her leg went out from under her and she fell, twisting her ankle.

Her mother took her to the emergency room, where she had x-rays taken of her ankle. The doctor told her that there were no broken bones, but that something showed up on the x-rays that required further tests.

Two hours later, after having CT scans and MRI scans, and a series of blood tests, the doctor gave Lucy and her mother the devastating news. Lucy had “Ewing Sarcoma”, a rare type of bone cancer. The doctor referred them to a pediatric oncologist.

That evening, Lucy searched the internet to find out more information about Ewing Sarcoma. What she found out only made her more upset and she began to cry. The disease was sometimes fatal. She might not reach her thirteenth birthday.

The pediatric oncologist; Dr. Joe, was a doctor who was adored by his patients. When he first met with Lucy, he spent an hour just chatting with her and getting to know her. He explained everything to her in simple terms, without talking down to her.

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