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John was finally unpacked and had settled into his dorm room. He decided to walk around campus and familiarize himself with the university, and the buildings where he would be attending classes for the next three years. John felt honored to be attending Harvard Law School, not because it was such a prestigious institution, but because it had such a rich and colorful history. He had just transferred there from the University of Illinois, where he had received a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and had graduated with honors.

The last stop on John’s self-tour, was the Law Library, where John planned to spend most of his free time. As he exited the library, John spied a small coffee shop down the block. He headed towards it, whistling as he walked.

When he reached the diner, John opened the door and walked in. As he looked around the room for a place to sit, his gaze fell on the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. Her goddess-like features hypnotized him. She had shoulder length auburn colored hair with piercing hazel eyes. She was sitting at a table all alone. As John stared at her, the young woman glanced in his direction. Since the diner was rather crowded, John approached the woman and asked if he could join her.

The woman offered John a seat, and introduced herself as Beth. Before long, the two of them were having a wonderful conversation. They soon discovered that they were both starting their first year of law school. Beth had graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Business Administration. Before that, she had graduated from St. Margaret High School in Portland, Oregon, which was an all-girls school. John had graduated from Jefferson High School in Detroit, Michigan.

After several cups of coffee and more than two hours of pleasant conversation, they both realized how late it was, and asked the server for their checks. John snatched up both checks and insisted on paying for both of them. As they left the diner, John asked Beth if she was free for dinner. Beth was about to decline, but something deep inside her told her to accept the invitation. The two of them agreed to meet at a nightclub, which was just a few blocks from the university, at eight o’clock that evening.

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