John Phillips was having a very bad day. It began the minute he woke up. It had all started with the fact that he had overslept and no one had awakened him. When he went to take as shower, there was no hot water left. His wife and three teenage children had already taken theirs.

During breakfast, he burned his toast and spilled his coffee. This, along with his three children was more than he could take. He lost his temper and started yelling at them. The three teenagers suddenly became quiet. They looked scared and uncomfortable.

John’s wife, Robin was furious. She had put up with John’s bad temper for far too long. She told the children to get ready for school. After they had left the room Robin turned to her husband and said; “I’ve had enough of your bullying and abusive behavior, and I know the kids have had enough as well. I will not have my children be afraid in their own home. I want you out of this house.”

John started to speak, but Robin interrupted him and said, “I don’t care where you go, but I want you out of this house by the time I get home this evening.”

The kids knew that something was wrong, when they heard the yelling, and then heard the door slam. They knew that the situation must be very bad, for their mother to become extremely angry like that. She was always the calm, understanding parent who never raised her voice in anger.

The three of them left the house as quickly as they could and headed for the bus stop.

As Robin drove, she thought about her marriage and tried to figure out when it went it had begun to go sour. She had met John in college, twenty-three years earlier. John was a senior and she was a sophomore.

They had met in a bar off campus. John bought her a drink and they talked for over an hour. Robin found John attractive and she liked him because he was not egotistical like many guys she had met over the years. John wanted to talk about her, not himself, and he was genuinely interested in what she had to say.

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