Over the course of the following year, John and Robin grew closer. John was planning on working on his MBA degree after he graduated in May. He was ambitious and had formulated a plan to be a top executive in less than ten years.

John received his MBA, the same year that Robin received her BA degree in marketing. They got married the following year. John was twenty-five and Robin was twenty-three.

They bought a house in Chicago, near where Robin’s parents lived. They both had very good jobs. Robin worked in Marketing for a major pharmaceutical company and John worked for a computer company specializing in programming and research.

John had no family still living. His mother had died from complications of a ruptured appendix, when John was twelve, and his father had died when John was a sophomore in college.

After they had been married for two years, Robin told John that she wanted a baby. John thought that they should wait a while longer, but he finally gave into her wishes.

One year later, Robin gave birth to a son, which they named Thomas. Robin decided to stay home for a few years and then she would go back to work. However, God had other plans for her. A year later, she gave birth to a daughter; Katherine and two years later, she gave birth to another son; Brian.

With three children at home, Robin decided to stay at home until they were all in school. As Tom, Katie and Brian got older, John spent more and more hours at work, trying to climb the corporate ladder. By the time Tom was ten years old, John had started his own company. John had developed an online security system for computers.

Now, six years later, John was president of a company that employed sixty people. He had made changes in his security system over the years and it was such a huge success, that both AOL and Microsoft wanted to buy him out. John turned down both offers.

John was working twelve to sixteen hours per day, six days per week. He rarely saw his wife and kids. The family had not taken any vacations together, in seven or eight years. Instead, John paid for summer camps for his kids, sent Robin to day spas, and gave her money for shopping sprees.

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