by Kenneth Mark Hoover

Copyright 2011 by Kenneth Mark Hoover

Published by Argo Navis Publishing at Smashwords

Jake Strop entered my office, stomping gypsum sand from his worn boots. His face was lined with worry.

There’s another wooden statue in the plaza, Marshal,” he said. “This one is outside the Texas Star Canteen.”

That makes three in as many days.” I opened the wooden shutters so the air could circulate.

Jake poured a cup of coffee from the boiling pot. “I asked Jonah Hake, the proprietor of the Texas Star, about it. He came to open up this morning and found it standing outside his door. We tried to move it but it’s too heavy, like the others. Eight foot tall and rooted to the spot. Like it doesn’t want to be moved.”

That’s hardly likely, Jake.” Jake Strop was a fine deputy and one of the few men I trusted. He had faced a killer with me last month and almost died for his loyalty. But this new business had him jumpy.

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