It’s certain someone is setting them out late at night while everyone is asleep,” I said. “Maybe he wants to make a name for himself, to drum up business.”

Jake sugared his coffee. “Downright spooky is what it is.” He took a sip and started. “Miss Magra been in today?”

Not yet.”

He stared at the coffee cup. “Thought so,” he mumbled.

How’s that, Jake?”

Miss Magra makes a memorable pot of coffee is all I’m saying.”

You don’t have to drink it, Jake.”

Well, seeing as you don’t mind....” He put the cup down.

From now on we’ll let Magra make the morning coffee.” I pulled my Sharps rifle from the gun rack. My side was stiff from the gunshot wound I received last month and it slowed my draw. “Let’s make the morning rounds and look at this new statue. Maybe we can find Magra and have breakfast together.”

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