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After talking for about fifteen minutes, about what she was doing in school, Traci glanced up to see that Nana had fallen asleep. Traci knew that she should be upset with her great grandmother, but she loved the old woman dearly. She was almost eighty years old, after all. Since she lived in the same town as Traci and her parents, Traci had become very close to her. They saw each other at least once a week, if not more often.

Traci did not want to disturb Nana’s sleep, so she went into another room and turned on the television, with the volume turned down low. As she clicked through the channels, looking for something worthwhile to watch, she stopped suddenly, when she saw that the movie; “Romantic Rendezvous was on. She did not really like the movie that much, but one of the main actors in it, was the teen heartthrob; ‘Douglas Hunter’. Traci had been mesmerized by him since he made his first movie five years earlier, at the young age of twelve.

Traci had seen every one of Doug Hunter’s movies, each more than once. Even though she thought he was very cute, she noticed that his acting was not as good in the later movies.

As Traci watched ‘Romantic Rendezvous’, she imagined herself as his leading lady. She was lost in her daydreaming, when Nana walked into the room. Mrs. Turner had to call Traci’s name twice, before she looked up, somewhat embarrassed.

That must be a really good movie,” Loretta said to her great granddaughter. “You seemed miles away.” As Loretta sat down on the couch beside Traci, she asked; “What’s the movie about?”

Oh, it’s just a teen romance movie,” said Traci. “It’s not really that good. I was just about to turn it off.”

Nonsense,” said Loretta, “Let me see what your generation considers romance these days.”

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