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About the Author

Matthew Yubas is a Certified Professional Marketing Consultant for the Small Business Development and International Trade Center. He has developed and marketed products for over 24 years as an engineer, product manager, and independent consultant for startups, small business, and Fortune 500 companies.

He has launched new products such as software applications, wireless devices, and websites. In addition, he has helped clients in a diverse number of industries that include photography equipment, auto accessories, soy candles, children's clothing, sporting goods, digital art, and home décor.

As an entrepreneur, he was a co-founder of a software company that developed one of the first personal information management software products. Matthew earned a B.S. in Engineering from Pennsylvania Spring Garden College in Philadelphia, and an M.B.A. in Management from San Diego State University.

He is a professional member of the Inventors Forum, Licensing Executives Society, and Product Development & Management Association.


I’m excited for you! You have a great idea that you want to make into a successful product. In this guide, we’ll cover a wealth of information that has taken me years to discover through training, trial, and error. No matter what your product is, there are core principals that apply. Please follow the step-by-step instructions and you’ll be far ahead of the game to make your product a success.

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