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Leigh Jarrett

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Come Play In My World™

Chapter One

Nathan Kent wasn't thrilled with the idea of completing his final year of university at a completely different institution from where he'd started—but the opportunity to join one of the top varsity field lacrosse teams had been too much of a temptation to pass up.

The truth of the matter though, was that Nathan was glad to have an excuse to move away. His last relationship had ended badly, and the thought of having to play a defensive position in conjunction with his ex-lover was something he hadn't even wanted to contemplate. Communication on the field would've been awkward between them, and they invariably would've let the team down. Of course, the breakdown in their relationship had been entirely his fault, as usual. His lack of restraint when it came to his mouth and the voracious appetite of his dick had managed to destroy yet another perfectly suitable and fundamentally healthy partnership. But maybe that was the problem. Maybe it had become too predictable and safe for his liking so he'd switched to self-destruct mode, seeking a way out. The possibility of love entering the equation had had absolutely nothing to do with his behaviour, he was sure of that.

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