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Tammy walked into her dorm room, and collapsed onto her bed. It was Friday, and it had been a very busy and hectic week. She was glad that the weekend had finally arrived.

Tammy was a freshman at UCLA, and was six weeks into the first semester. She was finally beginning to feel at home in her dorm. She had been homesick at first, but her roommate; Monica forced her to get out of the dorm on the weekends, and slowly, Tammy came out of her shell, and was only in her room to sleep and study.

Tammy Pickett was from Chicago, and Monica Sanford was from Baltimore. After a few days, they had become good friends. Together, they helped each other acclimate to California and to college life.

You had several calls, Tammy” said Monica, “I think they were from your grandmother”

I don’t think so” said Tammy, “She would have called my cell phone.” Tammy took her cell phone out of her purse, to check for messages, and she found a dead battery. She hooked it up to the power cord, and it began downloading several messages. At least eight of them were from Alice Forbes, her great grandmother.

Tammy loved her Nana, and she had a special relationship with her. Recently, she was worried about Nana. As tired as she was, she called her to find out what was so important, that she would call so many times, without leaving much of a message.

After Tammy talked to Nana for almost thirty minutes, she turned the phone off. Tammy had a worried look on her face.

Is everything okay?” asked Monica.

I’m not sure” said Tammy. “I really love that dear old woman, but I think that she may have some dementia.”

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