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With some interesting twists and turns to the plot, Bonded by Crimson captured my attention from page one and refused to let go right through the last page. The story was packed with characters I cheered for, laughed with, and even shed a couple of tears over. Our heroine, Kate Rokov, is charming, sweet, determined, and just naïve enough to have you groaning, “No, don’t do that,” even though you know she will. The hero, Matthias Zrin, is hot, sexy, immortal, and jaded enough to make you shake your head at his stubbornness. Together, these two blunder their way through ghost-busting, parenting three adorable boys, and falling in love across two continents—from Canada to Croatia. Which totally worked for me. I mean, if you are going to blunder into love, you may as well see the world while you do it…It’s a well-crafted story with some steamy sex scenes—the very best kind. – Taylor, Reviewer

Bonded by Crimson by Zrinka Jelic caught me by surprise. For a first effort by a new author, it is quite enjoyable. I liked the depth of characterization as well as the vivid settings. Having never been to Europe, I truly enjoy books that describe foreign place so well I feel as if I have been there. This book was one of those. The plot is strong and the storyline intriguing—the spirit of a dead wife helping her husband to find a new wife. And while I usually prefer more action and suspense, Bonded by Crimson caught my interest and held it all the way through. Jelic took a basic second-time-around romance, gave it a new twist, added a touch of suspense, and came up with something quite good. – Regan, Reviewer

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