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“This couldn’t be happening”, thought Colleen. “It just wasn’t possible.” Colleen Peterson thought back to how it all began.

Just a week ago, Pastor Edwards, the youth pastor at her church had given out the assignment. Pastor Edwards ran the high school Sunday school program. He asked each of the teenagers to write down the name of the one person in their life, who was the meanest, or most unfriendly.

After each of them had written down a name and put their own name at the top of their paper, Pastor Edwards put all of the papers in a large envelope and then he sealed it.

For Colleen, she did not have to think for very long. She wrote down the name right away; Janet Harris, a girl at her high school that was in the same grade as her. Janet had started going to Colleen’s high school at the end of her freshman year.

Nobody liked Janet. She was a bully and was always mean towards others. She did not have any friends.

After he sealed the envelope, and put it away, Pastor Edwards told the class the assignment for the new school year. “I want each of you to develop a friendship with the person that you wrote down. This year, we are going to learn what ‘Love thy neighbor’ really means.

Colleen raised her hand and asked Pastor Edwards if she could change the name that she wrote down. He told her that her first choice was her assignment.

Colleen decided to give it a try. The next morning, between classes, she walked up to Janet in the hallway and said “Hi Janet. How was your weekend?”

Janet just looked at Colleen with a look of disgust on her face and said, “Get away from me, geek.”

The next day, Colleen tried again. She walked up to Janet and said “Hi. My name’s Colleen.”

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