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As the airport taxi dropped me off at the front door, there was someone sitting on the front porch I hardly recognized. “John Michael?” I called as I slammed shut the trunk and paid the cabbie. “Actually,” he replied, “no one calls me that anymore – everyone just calls me Mike.”

John Michael – or Mike, had really grown into his body since I last saw him. Rather than a klutzy, awkward teenager, he was firm and well-muscled. I knew he had started playing football at some point, but had no idea how much he’d changed. I admit, I was pretty taken aback. Here was my awkward, panty-sniffing step-brother wearing properly fitted jeans, and a polo shirt that barely contained his arms and chest.

“Hey Ash,” he said, which was strange because he’d never called me that before, “a friend is coming up tonight and we thought we’d head to the woods and set up a little fire and cook some hamburgers. Maybe have a few drinks and relax. You in?” As you can imagine, I was completely shocked by the whole thing. My horrible step-brother had somehow transformed into a cool, smooth college freshman. Freshmen are never cool and smooth, especially my step-brother. Anyway, it sounded good so I told him I’d meet them in the woods a couple of hours later.

As I showered to wash off the airplane musk, I could swear I saw Mike walking past the door a few times, although I couldn’t really be sure since the glass on the shower door was frosted. I hadn’t packed anything sexy, although I was pretty horny after seeing my step-brother’s transformation so I wanted to at least put on a little show. I slipped on some low-rise jean shorts and threw on a baggy sweater over my tight tank top. Thinking back, I should have been more worried about the cold, but you know how things are.

Mike left a note on the kitchen table with directions, which amounted to “walk out the back door and keep going for about an eighth of a mile. We’ll be there.” It was about 5:30 when I left and it didn’t take long to find the two boys and the fire. Although I shouldn’t have really been surprised, Mike’s friend was every ounce as hot as Mike had become.

“Hi Ashley,” he said, “I’m Jake, your brother has told me a lot about you.” This surprised me, of course, because Mike and I barely knew each other. “Step-brother,” I corrected. Anyway, I shook his hand and we sat down. I was surprised how much alike they looked. Both of them were about six feet tall and fairly muscular. They told me they had met first semester at lacrosse practice. Mike had given up football for lacrosse when he started college. Jake had black hair about shoulder length and dark blue eyes whereas Mike’s hair was brown, close cropped, and matched his eyes. We chatted for a while, I gave them some advice about going through college, and finally we shared a few embarrassing stories about Mike, who was a good sport about all of it.

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