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From the reviews of This Star Shall Abide

Winner of a Christopher Award, given for “affirmation of the highest values of the human spirit.”

“Tension-filled, beautiful and haunting.” —Commonweal

“Both logically and consistently suspenseful.... This Star will Abide a good deal longer than most here today, gone tomorrow sci-fi.” —Kirkus Reviews

“An excellent plot and remarkable character development make this tale of the future highly satisfying and thought-provoking.” American Library Association Top of the News

“This is not the electronic-light-flashing-exterminate-him-thing from outer space type of science fiction. It is an allegory which poses one of the most heart-searching dilemmas of the human race, perhaps in the C. S. Lewis tradition. I mean Perelandra rather than Narnia.... This is a thought-provoking book distantly related to Lord of the Rings and The Glassbead Game, and may appeal to a similar readership.” —The Junior Bookshelf, London

“The story is noteworthy for its dramatization of the crucial meeting of man, science and the universe.” —Horn Book

“Superior future fiction concerning the fate of an idealistic misfit, Noren, who rebels against his highly repressive society.... The attention of mature sci-fi readers will be held by the skillful writing and excellent plot and character development.” —School Library Journal

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