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The Boy Who Helped A Star

By John French


The Boy Who Helped A Star

There was once a boy who lived on a farm. At night he would spend time staring at the stars and moon above.

One night while gazing upon the stars, the boy spotted a shooting star falling from the sky. He watched in amazement as the star fell down behind his parent’s barn.

The boy ran quickly towards the barn to investigate. As he came around the back of the barn, he spotted a glowing light coming from an old metal bucket on the ground.

The young boy looked inside the bucket, and there he saw a small star who looked scared.

I have fallen from the sky on accident. Can you help me get back to my parents?” The star asked the boy.

Don’t worry”, the boy said as he picked up the bucket. “I’ll help you get back home”.

So the boy brought the star out to the front yard , where he began to think of a plan to return the star.

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