The Kaserne is dedicated to those who served: The quick and dead.

Raymie Wolfsohn

16 August 1984

US Army Music Center

Wilkin Barracks

Greater Stuttgart Military Community

Kornwestheim, West Germany

My dear lovely wife Désirée and I are civil servants, working for the US Army here in the Federal Republic of Germany. We do discreet jobs of work for a quiet, yet immense, agency whose interests and activities encompass the 7 continents, four oceans, the many seas, and outer space. The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is senior uncle in size, scope, seriousness, and budget to the frat boys, debutantes, and show horses at Central Intelligence Agency. As we say in the trade: our assignments are under cover. I, here at the music center located above the recreation center across the street from Wilkin Barracks. Désirée, poses as a dependent wife and post-doc scholar of romance era German poets and poetry. Those of you whose imaginations and enthusiasms tend to vivid and fanciful might suppose Désirée and I are Secret Agents; however, our projects and duties and routines are pedestrian in reference and context and scale to The Eternal Cold War.

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