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"Josh still thinks that he's getting out of our date tonight," Lana said stopping in front of her locker. "I can't believe the text he just sent me."

Lana kept her gaze on her cell while she raised her right hand and clutched at the lock attached to the metal compartment in front of her.

"I love this song!" Caitlin announced.

Caitlin stopped walking a few paces behind Lana. She moved her hips from side to side before she turned around in a fast pirouette. She landed gracefully on the floor and she moved forward. She stopped in front of her locker that was located beside Lana's.

Lana pulled her locker open and she reached inside.

"Where's my Trig book?" Lana muttered sliding her cell inside of her purse before she rummaged inside of her locker.

Caitlin spun the lock that lay embedded in the wall in front of her.

After a few seconds, Caitlin's locker popped open.

Caitlin grabbed her locker door and she pulled it ajar.

A large poster of a scowling dark haired young man with hypnotic blue eyes, pale skin and red lips hung atop the interior of the locker's door.

The young man was dressed in a dark cloak. His left hand was raised to left portion of his collar.

A ruby colored ring adorned the third finger of his hand.

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