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She's Wet and Wild!


Annabel Bastione


Copyright © 2012 by Annabel Bastione

* * * * *

Lisa plodded back into her room at the college dorm. Orientation week was turning out to be more fun than she expected. From boys doing push-ups on her as a forfeit to just winning a jell-O wrestling match, she had thoroughly enjoyed herself and sincerely looked forward to more exciting activities in the coming few days. Exhausted and covered in strawberry jell-O, she stepped into her room, looking around for a towel and a change of clothes. Her string bikini chafing against her thighs, she wanted to strip and jump into the shower her luxurious en-suite room provided.

Gathering her clothes and towel, Lisa headed towards the bathroom. But wait, why was she hearing the sound of the shower being used? Her roommate Jessica couldn’t have been in there, could she? A tinge of irritation flashed across on her brow, she felt sticky all over and needed a shower quick. Jessica or not, she made up her mind to enter. Being in the girl scouts when she was younger, she often bathed with her girlfriends when they went out camping and was no stranger to showering around other girls. Lisa gingerly pushed the closed door ajar, the mischievous side of her itching to surprise Jessica.

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