Freedom to do what you want with your writing is one of the biggest advantages to being an indie author. Others include not having to wait as long for your books' debut, being able to set your own price and the ability to offer promotions and coupons whenever you want. Let's not forget getting to keep most, and sometimes all, of the money for yourself.

However, there are disadvantages to being an indie author. You usually won't get an advance and you probably won't make much money to start out. Some authors never make any money at all when you factor in printing costs, marketing campaigns, etc. Although, there are some methods that are either free or very cheap to use. It's up to you which route you go.

So what can you do to be a successful indie author? Find the cheapest resources out there! EBooks will cost you nothing to make and you can sell them on sites like Smashwords and Docstoc, or promote them on Scribd and Calmeo. Squidoo is a wonderful free site that you can use to advertise your books and include links to your online store, whether that is your website or one of the others listed above. If you do decide to go with a pod company make sure their reputable and are not a scam!

I hope I have given you enough information to, at least, begin thinking about going a less traditional route with your books. Of course, it's up to you to decide which route is right for you. Several authors have made it big with the traditional houses and you could too. As long as you keep writing and believing in your dreams, you'll be a published author in no time.


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