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Before she could determine whether her concerns were founded, Mrs. Girard knocked on her bedroom door.

Ashley, honey, we’re about to head out. Did you want to come say goodbye to the girls?”

Ashley quickly slipped a lightweight, white cotton sundress over her tan, slender frame and shook out her still-wet blonde locks. Mrs. Girard was taking the girls to her parents’ lakeside cabin, just like she did every weekend during the summer. The girls could be annoying sometimes, but they were very sweet in general and Ashley wanted to kiss them goodbye before they left.

Ashley skipped down the stairs without bothering to put on shoes, her short dress fluttering around her bare thighs, and met the family in the kitchen.

Are you coming with us this weekend?” Maeve, the smaller girl asked. “Grandpa promised that we could sleep in a tent in the back yard.”

Not this weekend, sweetie.” Ashley answered. “I’ve got homework to do.”

This was true; Ashley was studying nursing at the local junior college and she did have an assignment. It wasn’t the real reason that Ashley wasn’t going to be spending the weekend at the lake house though. She wasn’t about to explain her true plans to the girls or to Mrs. Girard.

For the past several months, besides being an opportunity to catch up on her school work in a quiet house, the weekends had been an opportunity for Ashley to earn extra cash from Mr. Girard. She knew that if Mrs. Girard found out, not only would her job be finished, but probably also the Girard’s marriage.

This extracurricular activity had begun late one Saturday evening when Ashley was alone in the house with Mr. Girard. Both of them had stayed home to work, she on her health homework and he on whatever it was that he was always bringing home from his office. She had just finished one of her assignments and needed to print it from the printer in his study, where he was working on his computer.

He hadn’t shut the door completely and she walked in to catch him working on something, but it certainly wasn’t anything for his employer. Mr. Girard was sitting at his desk, jerking off. Ashley was caught completely by surprise, but instead of rushing out the door in embarrassment, she had stood there, transfixed by his fantastic cock. Mr. Girard’s engorged member was long and thick, much bigger than Ashley’s boyfriend’s dick.

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