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They Would Not Love My Lamb

Glenn W. Worthington

Copyright 2012 by Glenn W. Worthington

Smashwords Edition

Two young boys and a lamb were in an open field. But the three were not playing together. One boy had a rope around the lamb's neck and was forcing it to follow him. The other boy was behind the lamb, switching it with a stick.

In the sky above them storm clouds were moving in to block the sun. Darkness was coming. All around them the countryside hushed. Fall had arrived. Cold engulfed the land and with that cold came death to many living things. The leaves one the trees turned beautiful colors and dropped to the ground.

The boys continued their hurried pace, and the lamb was dragged along with them. The farmhouse they were anxious to get to was in sight, but still quite a long way off. So the boy in the lead started running. The lamb tried desperately to keep up, but its legs were too short. As it got behind, the rope naturally tightened the grip it had on the lamb's neck. And the boy in back swatted the lamb more and more with the stick.

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