Cause and Effect…

An adventure through time

By Jeffrey Thomas Baker

All thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ without whom I can do nothing.

Thanks to my lovely wife Lori for being of like mind and supporting me through this project.

Thanks to my three wonderful children, Brian, Jessica and Logan for teaching me more than I have ever taught them.


There are many people I owe a special thanks. Whether it was help with historical accuracy, the use of their name in a fictitious story, ideas, editing, or the most painful task of all, listening to me talk ad nauseam about my new book. These people helped keep me focused and encouraged me to press on.

Lists are dangerous things to make. When assembling them, you run the risk of leaving out a very important person. But I will attempt in an effort to give praise to my good friends that made this project so much fun.

First I’d like to thank Connie Fitzmartin. Connie is a published author and a good friend of mine. It was her inspiration and encouragement that prompted me to begin my own writing career. I’d like to thank Amanda Sands for her help in editing this book. Spelling and grammar are not my strong suit. I’m sure it was quite the daunting task. Ricky and Ryan Neri are two very talented and patient artists. They helped create the cover art used on this book as well as the other merchandise that is available. You can check out more of their artwork on my website at Additionally I’d like to give my thanks to John French, at Abrams Planetarium for giving me permission to use the moon picture on the front cover.

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