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On Her Bosses Desk

By Polera North

Copyright 2012 Polera North

Smashwords Edition

17 minutes.

Cathy dumped the refuse of her lunch into the garbage bin and made her way through the mall food court, weaving her way through shopping housewives, lunching professionals, and wandering teenagers. She made her way halfway across the mall, checking her watch sporadically, and turned into a narrow, secluded hallway. She thanked fortune the hall was empty. Her low heels clicked with each step down the tiled lane, echoing off the yellowed plaster walls. She stopped near the end of the hallway, in front of the door with a triangular sign featuring two generic figures, one in a dress, holding the hands of a smaller figure between them. She checked her watch one last time, verifying she was on schedule, and knocked in the prearranged sequence.

15 minutes.

She and Alexander had 16 minutes before Cathy needed to out of the mall in order to get back to the office before the end of her lunch break. Alexander should have entered the bathroom two minutes ago. They had to be careful. They had to use complex ruses and routines like this to keep their meetings secret. The bank they worked for had strict rules against employee fraternization and several of their co-workers were nothing if not nosy, judgmental, and backstabbing. A combination of boredom with their own dull, unsatisfying lives and viewing everyone else in the office as either an obstacle to be removed or a threat to their current standing made Cathy and Alexander understandably paranoid. Cathy being the branch manager's administrative assistant and Alexander being married didn't help their position any.

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