Grand Theft Internet

A true story of Internet attack
and high-stakes cybercrime

J. Timothy King

Copyright © 2010 J. Timothy King. All rights reserved.

Published by J. Timothy King.

First Smashwords edition, April 2010.

Version 1.00


This is a true cybercrime story, which hit my friend Tom—a little too close to home—on March 27, 2010. And I realized that this is something that could happen to me. Indeed, it could happen to any of us who owns his own business or website domain. Tom wanted this story told, in the hopes that the knowledge will help prevent similar crimes in the future, to encourage other victims also to come forward, and to increase the chances that crimes like this will be prosecuted as a result, and I agree.

I’ve drawn on chat transcripts, emails, and other forensic evidence, to reconstruct the timeline of events as accurately as I can. Naturally, when I portray the villain’s activities—and especially his thoughts and motivations—I’m speculating... but let’s call it “informed speculation.” The villain, although he may sometimes appear incompetent, never acts out of random whim. His goal is not merely to poke around inside someone else’s computer and see what he can find. No. He is pursuing a goal, so he has a purpose to everything he does. And I’ve written his character from this perspective.

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