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The Soulkeepers

Weaving Destiny

Angela Carlie

Dream Smashers

Loramendi’s Story

Land of Corn Chips

Megg Jensen





Magan Vernon

How to Date an Alien


The Green was written in 2009 and spent a long time on the shelf. I’d like to thank quite a few people for pushing me to put it out there. Thanks to Sarah Barthel, Natalie Rompella, and Linda McReynolds for the first read through and the awesome “Green” themed cake. Many thanks to Michelle Sussman, Megg Jensen, G.P. Ching, and Angela Carlie for their thorough critiques. Also, another round of thanks to Adrian Hutchinson for his excellent proofing. And many thanks to Richard and Annikka and my family for giving me the time to see my dreams through.

For Richard

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