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I am Arnold Ceramic

John Rudram

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 John Rudram

"Hi, I am Arnold Ceramic. The word Ceramic has nothing to do with my occupation. My father and his predecessors were sculptors and masons. I guess that would partially justify the 'Ceramic' nomenclature. However, I am much far away from it. The closest I can get to them is that they built an extraordinary astronomical observatory for me in the enchanting hills of The Alps."

"Hi, Arnold."

"Hi Ray."

"Ray is the professor at the observatory. But generally he lets me do all the things here. I am the boss.

'I seem to keep keep working, nothing else seems to keep keep working,

Stars seem to keep keep shining, I don't seem to hit a major finding.

When I had theories, no telescopes, but now I have a telescope but no theories,

I have a PhD with no published papers,

Sky seems like a caper, baking papers and making paupers.'

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