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His gruff of gray facial hair splattered with blood, his eyes drooped shut with more red liquid dripping at the corner of his mouth. Someone screamed, a female as she backed away from the figure at hand as the person dropped the man's body to the ground and came near her with a silver tinted with crimson rust . Raising it over the woman's head, the mystery person swooped the weapon down to impale the female right in her skull-

And the memory stopped, I blinked away the forming tears in my eyes. I stared away from the detectives in front of to look at my reflection in the two way mirror. My hair a shaggy black, short and uneven in some places as if someone ripped out parts of my hair. My eyes a dark forest green with hints of bruising around the sockets, my skin a cold ivory that sharped with a soiled truth that something did happened yesterday night to me. Even if there was something that happened that day, why would tell anyone?

"You're wasting your time. Like I told you before, I don't remember anything besides the sunrise when I took my daily walk." I Murmured, fidgeting my long pale fingers as I paced back and forth through the room. I don't think anyone could forget that wonderful sunrise. The brightly shining orange that escaped behind the clouds, the pink stripes across the sky, the tinted aqua around the sun's rays. It was remarkable. Breathtaking even.

"Destiny, we just don't understand how you could forget a whole day's worth of an incident. We think you know more than you're letting on." Detective John Muller objected instantly.

"Haven't you ever heard of memory loss and trauma? Maybe that's what is going on in my head?" I noted to him, turning to face his young face. His eyes a perfect molten chocolate brown, skin a small pallor color; his hair a burned crisp black.

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