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The gods have slept for more than seventeen centuries and are due to wake up in twenty years. When that happens, Kumulhan, High Priest of the Sky Father among the nomads of the Tagashai steppe wants his god to be supreme over the other gods. To ensure that, he launches an army of elite nomad cavalry in a brutal campaign to conquer the world.

Tochwyatis, a young sailor born into a poor family but with an aptitude for sorcery, finds himself playing an important part in the efforts to defeat Kumulhan.

At a mere 66,000 words, this novel should come as a welcome relief to anybody fed up with multi-volume series of doorstops.

'I had a great time with the book, and I think it's a good “gateway” book for someone who likes historical fiction and wants to give fantasy a try.' (From a customer review by Maeve Sawyer)


A fantasy novel by

Frej Wasastjerna

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Frej Wasastjerna

ISBN 978-952-92-9936-2

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