-1Thank You and Goodnight

By Matthew Stephens

Copyright by Matthew Stephens 2008

Published by Smashwords

The Allstate arena was packed plum full. The air stunk of sweat and cigarettes. It was elbow to elbow and one hell of a project to get a beer or take a piss. The house lights had come on after the opening band, "the ticks" finished their set. The crowd faces looked drained and strung out, but also anxious and excited. The band they had all come to see was about to play.

The lights went out and the crowd screamed in unison sounding like a super amplified blow dryer. A man's voice came over the P.A. "Ladies and Gentleman, the band you've been waiting for. The ass kickin' in your face, loudest band in the world. The one, the only, THE WARLOCKS."

The blow dryer went off again as the bass drum came in with a thud, thud, thud. A loud crunch of a guitar rang through the arena in unison with a bright white laser light. Damon "the demon" Deagon walked on to the stage running his long black hair out of his face with one hand and holding a microphone in the other. He screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Are you motherfucker's ready." The crowd screamed in reply. "A One , Two, One, Two, Three, Four." The band exploded into their latest hit song, "breathing fire" as fire shot up from the stage. Lights of all different colors whipped around and danced on the fans faces. There was a small circle of bodies slamming into each other in the front of the stage. Damon was whipping his long black hair around and then pointing at nobody in particular. He sang the first line.

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