First Time Gay Fuck

by Kitty Meaker

Copyright Kitty Meaker 2012

Published at Smashwords

"Chase Willington, I welcome you to... Green Grove Country Club."

I had visions of trumpets sounding and angelic choirs singing as I stepped through the gates of Green Grove. Instead I was greeted by the sound of golf carts puttering in the distance, and men cheerfully calling to each other across the well-manicured lawns.

I had been introduced to the country club by Dave Johnson and Shawn Campbell, who had been my two mentors at the firm of Lawson & Lawson pretty much since I started working there. They had helped guide me through my nightmarish first year as an accountant, and were pleased with my progress. So they had taken it upon themselves to secure me an invitation to the exclusive Green Grove Country Club, a place where men of a certain standing could come to socialize and relax - and network. I was under no illusions about the great opportunity this was for my career, and I was determined to make the most of it.

Dave and Shawn took me around the large sitting room in the main lodge, quietly introducing me to various friends of theirs. Some men were in deep conversation, and I was told that they were discussing business, and I would meet them another time. One group of younger men seemed to be occupying a whole corner of the room. They didn't seem to be doing anything special, yet their presence seemed to dominate the room, and I noticed eyes flicking their direction every so often as if all the private discussions were about them.

I asked Dave what that was about.

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