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Moldable Youth: A Collection of Poetry and Prose

Amy Tuso

Published by Amy Tuso at Smashwords.

Copyright 2011 Amy Tuso

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Young Love

In fifteen minutes

Come fifteen gallons

Each tear

A great mistake

Each heartbreak

Cried over

Every love

A deeper shove

Into the pity

Every beat

Breaks the heart

Each eye

Red from tears

Shows the pain

All locked away

In twenty minutes

Oh, too long

The pain is gone


Woke this morning

Found the sun

Had been hiding

Hadn’t even noticed

Warm kisses smother my face

Bright love makes everything new

Eyelids flutter

Face shines bright

Erase the past

Make the world mine



Tired eyes

Human dies

People crying

Children lying




Got to be fixed-up




What a shame

Who’s to blame

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