I would also like to thank Silvia Malave for not only correcting my numerous Grammar errors but for also making sure there were no logic errors as well. I felt like I was back in school with all the corrections made in red ink.

I would also like to thank Jaclyn Perez for making sure Anna really knew her stuff in the medical field.

Special thanks to Eleni, Valeska & Maria who not only inspired the characters of the book but allowed me to use their image on the cover.

And last but not least, I would like to thank my fans who never stopped asking for a sequel to “His Calling!” This is for you!

This book is dedicated to my beautiful twin daughters

Victoria and Samantha Cross

You bring new meaning to my life.

And to my always amazing wife

Lydia Cross

I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow.

Prologue Darkness

Darkness flows through the city but it has nothing to do with the positioning of the sun or the hour of the night. It is the darkness that resides in the human heart. Human beings, God's favorite creation. Capable of such love and compassion as the Creator intended, yet capable of much evil and atrocities.

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