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I have to thank my critique partners – Robyn, Carly, and Chellesie for telling me like it is, even when I don't want to hear it.

Many thanks to Mr. W. who not only tried to teach me World History in high school, but lent me his name for one of my characters in this book.

I can’t begin to thank my family enough. My dear husband supports my writing career more than I could have ever hoped. After thirty-three years, he’s still my best friend, and that’s a treasure beyond words. My thanks to our daughters who proudly tell everyone their mother is an author, even if my covers have naked people on them! I’m truly blessed to be loved and supported by such wonderful people.

Chapter One

Megan leaned over the railing. She stretched her arm out toward the tall guy with the crooked smile and waved the program at him. Please. Please. Please. Pick me. Come on. She repeated the mantra in her head, all the while feeling perfectly ridiculous standing in a crowd of pre-adolescents begging for an autograph. To top it off, she wasn’t even sure she was waving her program at the right guy. She’d studied Christopher’s baseball card, knew the face she needed to find, but unless she missed her guess, the guy had a twin brother, and they both played on the same team. Just her luck.

There wasn’t anything she could do about it now. She continued to wave the program at the one closest to her, and prayed he was the pitcher – Christopher’s idol. In retrospect, it had been foolish to promise the kid she’d get the autograph for him, but she’d made the promise, and she was going to honor it – somehow.

An endless supply of excited youngsters replaced the ones who had gotten an autograph and left. Megan held her ground amidst jostling bodies and annoyed looks from the other autograph seekers. So what if she was an adult? It wasn’t like she wanted the autograph for herself – even if the guy was hot. Seriously hot. She’d thought he was good looking when Christopher handed her the baseball card he kept with him twenty-four/seven. But the card didn’t come close to capturing the real Jeff Holder, or was it his brother?

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