Please note that I use New Zealand spelling throughout. You will see doubled letters (e.g. focussed), ou’s (e.g. colour) and ‘re’ (centre) as well as a few other differences from American spelling.

There are many thanks to be laid out for this book. The researchers, the readers, the inspirations, the people who actually live a life like this; you’ve made this possible. I’d praise you all individually, but I’m afraid mentioning your names would be far too incriminating. If you know you were part of the making of this book then I offer you my thanks and my gift to you is the knowledge that you were part of this book.



The people portrayed within these pages are not role-models. They’re not even real. They’re figures of literary imagination. Some of the things they do and say would cause them to get hurt, injured, killed, expelled or possibly deported. In other words don’t try this at home…

Who am I kidding?

You’re not going to heed this warning, are you? You’ve heard warning lines like this so many times the meaning has been sapped from it. It is as relevant as the copyright notice at the start of a DVD (If you download your movies you’ve probably never seen one).

If the consequences of these character’s actions don’t dissuade you from following the same course then you, my friend, are a fucking idiot.

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