Blue Ivy


Danity O’Shae

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Blue Ivy

I’ve never done this before...

Then again, I’ve never had to do this before. Married for the last three years to the kinkiest woman I’ve ever met in my life… Life was...blissful. I never saw it coming... The cheating, the lies, the distrust, and then the divorce papers, left on the counter of an empty house, cleared out while I’d been at work. The funny thing is, she’s not what I miss the most about our relationship. It’s the sex. Public places, in the woods, on the side of the highway, tie me up, strap me name it we tried it. Fetishes I’d never even heard of, I’d done just for her, my body never feeling so alive as it did when I was with her. Which leads me to the problem I’m having now. I can’t cum...I’ve tried... A few girls I met at a random bar, a coworker, and then most recently my neighbor. How embarrassing that I have to see her every day now, and know that all she’s probably thinking of is my limp dick in her mouth, refusing to get stiff. I needed more than what all these normal girls were offering. Tits and ass, were just tits and ass without the added kinkinees I’d grown accustomed to.

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