Table of Contents



Chapter 1
What Does Green Mean?
Do Commercial Wind Farms Negatively Impact Climate Change?
“Green” to Meet Political Goals
Wind Farm Installations

Chapter 2
The Cost of Wind Energy
Cost to Wildlife
Taxpayer Subsidies

Chapter 3
Laws For Wind Farms—Are They Sufficient?

Chapter 4
The Charismatic Sage and Prairie Grouse and Commercial Wind Farms
Game Changer

Chapter 5
Eagles, Hawks, and Falcons Getting Chopped Up by Wind Farm Turbines

Chapter 6
Nature’s Amazing Beneficial Bats Take Big Hit From Commercial Wind Farm Turbines
Fatal Impact of Wind Turbines On Bats

Chapter 7
ESA—A Game Changer

Chapter 8
The Spanish and Danish Wind Energy Industry—A Closer Look

Chapter 9
Habitat Fragmentation Problems

Chapter 10
Small Home Renewable Energy Systems vs. Commercial Energy Farms
Location, Location, Location!!!
Size Does Matter
Commercial Wind Farm Energy Output Hard to Optimize

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