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In 2008 I decided to try my hand at writing a poetry book. I have always enjoyed jotting down rhymes and verses and over the past four years I have written this compilation. I believe poetry and verse is something that we all individually take different things from, some may see the dark side of these poems while others may see the lighter side. It is my hope to reach a broad spectrum of readers who can take inspiration from my words and hopefully get the bug to start writing too. Speaking for myself, when I write I just write the words that come into my head and the words I feel like writing. This is the good thing about Poetry and Verse; it’s not too complex to write. We can write what we feel, good and bad funny and sad. There you go (A rhyme in itself). Poetry and Verse have no bounds if the words seem right to you, then write them; write with emotion, anger, joy and relief; anything you think and feel. I hope you will enjoy reading the book as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

James P. Maitland January 2012




James P. Maitland

687 Miles To You

Copyright James P. Maitland 2012.

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