Harry Bilinsky

A collection of short stories

By Jeff Tikari

Copyright Jeff Tikari 2011

A Smashwords edition

The Double Whammy

She loved gardening; it was the love of her life. She never imagined that her love for plants would be her undoing.

Shamim was a young widowed mother - cancer had taken her husband the previous year leaving her hollow eyed and in debt. The burden of bringing up her grade six daughter lay squarely on her shoulders. Spending money to buy plants from the nursery was now out of the question – she had to count every penny. She still collected wild flowering plants, though, from the forest situated at the far end of town. A lonely pretty road ran through part of the forest where she would often stop to search for wild shrubs and climbers.

She reminisced with bitterness of that fate-less day when whilst digging out a sapling with a stout stick at the edge of the forest, she sensed two men closing in on her. Trained in self-defense, she faced the men defiantly, stake on the ready. When one of them attempted to grab her, a scuffle ensued. She wielded the stick well, inflicting telling blows to both men who retreated defeated.

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