Framed by a Phantom

By Matthew Stephens

Copyright by Matthew Stephens 2008

Published by Smashwords

Bobby Jensen was not very thrilled when his parents told him they were moving to a farmhouse in a small town called Boyd. He didn't want to move two states away from his best friend, Brandon. So as you could imagine, when he got there and realized it was nothing but a tiny town surrounded by cornfields, he started acting up.

The Jensen's farmhouse was only about a quarter mile outside of town. Bobby would ride his bike into town on the weekends and try to find something to do or someone to hang out with. When no kid's his age seemed to be around to play, he kept himself entertained in other ways.

The first of his trouble's started when he beat up a ten year old at the park just for fun. When Carl Jensen got the call from a ecstatic crying mother, he flew to town in his beat-up pickup to teach his boy a lesson. Bobby got the lesson alright, and two bruises on his arm to show for it, but that didn't stop him. It was only two days later that Bobby pulled a big one.

He was in the back yard hitting small stones with a baseball bat. Then the boredom started kicking in. He decided he would like to see what it felt like to be behind the old pickup's steering wheel. He was going to be taking driver's Ed this oncoming school year and thought, "Why not?"

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